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Our Walthamstow nursery is conveniently located within 10 minutes walking distance to Highams Park Station and has direct bus routes to Walthamstow Central Station.


On-site parking is available as well as inside buggy storage.

We follow the philosophy of learning through play and with our highly skilled team and an array of resources the child is continuously provided with unique learning opportunities and learns the awe and wonders of the world around them whilst also enhancing their social interaction and communication skills.

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Agnieszka Straczek


Agnieszka has worked for Magic Roundabout Nurseries since 2007. Over the years Agnieszka has developed her skills and knowledge and always seeks out new ideas and approaches within early years. Agnieszka is an outdoor person and nature is a big part of her life, therefore is a nature advocate. She believes that creating a learning environment based on natural resources can nurture every child’s curiosity to learn and understand the world.

MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow Garden
MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow
MRN Walthamstow
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