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We wholeheartedly understand and support the importance of your role in your child’s academic and emotional development. This is why we encourage parental involvement throughout your child’s time with us, through a variety of different ways. They include home observations, parent-led activities, parent workshops and much more.

Getting you involved

From your family to ours

annual parents meeting.png

Annual Parent Meetings

parent homelearning.png

Parent Homelearning

parent app.png

Parent App

settling in.png

Tailored Settling in process

for you and your child

educational workshops.png

Educational Workshops

parental input.png

Continuous Parental Input

child development meeting.png

Child Development Meetings

Child Development Meetings are held by the Key Person every 4 months to summarise individual children’s learning and development. Summative Reports will form the basis for information shared during these meetings. Parents are encouraged to feedback as much as possible to aid the learning and development of their child. This also allows opportunity to see their childs progress and areas where they need further support.

Child Development Meetings

Educational Events

As part of the MRN family, we regularly promote parent events for parents to attend. These are events put forward by our parents or recognised as an area of interest to our parents.

We regularly hold events for:


  • Parent paediatric First Aid

  • Sleep workshops

  • Open-ended play workshop

  • Yoga with children

  • Dental Hygiene

children events icon.png

Children events

All nurseries organise regular events throughout the year. These allow endless opportunities to create happy memories, positive experiences and strengthens our relationships with practitioners and children.

children events icon.png

Some examples are: Graduation day, ice cream day, world book day, sports day, gardening day and multicultural day.

Educational & Children events

Famly Parent App

Through our app, you can access your child’s learning journey along with key information about their day.

Parent App
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