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In the heart of Isle of Dogs, near busy and urban Canary Wharf, we created a nursery which aims to bring the natural and outside environment inside.
MRN in Docklands is located within 5 minutes walking distance to South Quay and 10 minutes from Canary Wharf.
Our children are natural communicators, they are encouraged to express themselves and are able to construct their own learning through unique learning opportunities.
In this learning process, teachers and families are partners who guide the support to facilitate the exploration of children’s interests.

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Patrycja Szczepanek

Nursery Manager

Patrycja moved to London in 2013 and this is when her journey with MRN started. Patrycja believes that working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs, and as we watch them grow, we have a crucial role in helping them create their characters. Patrycja feels that one of the best things about childcare is that, when you are with children you can’t be bored and stop laughing, they are constantly surprising. Patrycja loves observing their reactions when she makes funny noises while reading with them or simply playing.


Jemma Peat

Deputy Manager

Jemma has been working at MRN for 2 years and prior to becoming deputy manager was a Baby Room Leader. She has a BSC in Developmental & Educational Psychology and enjoys using this to help develop her relationships and understanding of children. Her favourite thing about working with children is seeing them reach new milestones and excel in their confidence. She believes it is important to make nursery feel like a home away from home environment for the children to feel safe, secure and happy.

MRN Docklands
MRN Docklands
MRN Docklands
MRN Docklands
MRN Docklands
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