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Rich experiences in a secure and nurturing environment


Child centred


Highly skilled team who are devoted and passionate

What Parents Say


Alexander K (Father of Child)

Fantastic experience with the nursery and staff during the last eighteen months.


Many neighbours have also sent their kids to the same nursery and seem to be unanimously happy with it - word of mouth is definitely working.

Conveniently located, well organised and clean it provides great value for money as well. But the key is all the staff and management who create a wonderful atmosphere there.

My child loves going there, already created warm relationships with key workers. Staff are always available to answer questions and are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of kids.

The nursery is using technology well to communicate with parents - the whole experience is very smooth.


Absolutely fantastic setting. Our daughter has grown and developed at Magic Roundabout Nursery beyond our expectations.


Her social skills, play and key competencies continue to develop at pace.

It's magic is that it manages to be both personal, but also institutional (in a good way) and professional.


Much, in the same way, a Rolls Royce comes from an assembly line, but you're sure that it was made just for you - that's how we feel about Magic Roundabout Nursery.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Laure B (Mother of Child)

My daughter has attended Magic Roundabout Nursery Stockwell for 3 years, from 9 months to 4 years.


We have been very happy with this nursery. We were at work with the confidence that she was in a safe and nurturing environment.


She was happy to go there in the morning and became very attached to the practitioners and to her friends, with whom she has played from the baby room all the way up to preschool.

I highly recommend this nursery to any parents looking for childcare in the area.

J C (Father of Child)

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